Frederick Brook Shale

Frederick Brook Shale, New Brunswick

FB Shale and Licences

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The Frederick Brook Shale is located in the Elgin sub-basin in southern New Brunswick and underlies the tight sandstone rocks of the McCully Field. With a total thickness of up to 1,100 metres and covering an area of approximately 120,000 acres, the Frederick Brook Shale represents a tremendous natural gas resource.

Thirteen wells have been drilled to date into the Frederick Brook Shale. The Frederick Brook Shale is productive from at least six different sub-intervals across a distance of 20 kilometers with four of these wells currently on production. Headwater has one long-term producing well from the Frederick Brook Shale. The McCully F-58 well was fracture stimulated with water in a single 11 tonne treatment and placed on production in 2008, and is still producing with a very low annual decline rate. The production performance of single frac zones in the Frederick Brook is consistent with other shale gas deposits in North America. It is Headwater’s belief that properly designed wells and fracture stimulation programs for the Frederick Brook Shale will lead to commercial development.

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