Call Before You Dig / Call Before You Cross

McCully Natural Gas Field Development Gathering System Pipelines and Main Transmission Pipeline

Under the New Brunswick Pipeline Act, 2005, anyone proposing to undertake ground disturbance  is responsible for determining the location of  buried pipelines and for advising the pipeline operator before any ground disturbance takes place.

Call-Before-You-Dig Toll Free: 1-800-880-5705

Click-Before-You-Dig Website: clickbeforeyoudig.com

Proponents must notify Headwater of the nature and schedule of the proposed ground disturbance by calling the “Call-Before-You-Dig” line (1-800-880-5705) two business days in advance of the proposed ground disturbance. Proponents will be asked to provide a detailed description of the location and nature of the proposed ground disturbance, including equipment to be used, duration of activity, etc.

Ground Disturbances

These ground disturbances include:

  • All excavation or disturbance of soils
  • Forestry cutting and removal
  • Excavating or blasting (Note*)
  • Construction involving heavy machinery near our Easement
  • Development proposal
  • Crossing our Easement with heavy equipment
  • Road, rail and service crossings of the Easement
  • Paving or changing existing grades
  • Highway and road reconstruction
  • Fence installation
  • Field tile installations
  • Any other similar activities

*Note: Even if the blasting is contemplated outside of the 30m on either site of an easement, it could create shock waves with the potential to damage the pipeline. A call must be made to Headwater in advance of any blasting planned in the general vicinity of an easement.

How Does It Work?

The “Call-Before-You-Dig” line, 1-800-880-5705, is operated on a 24 hour/7 days a week basis and calls to the number are answered by one of the answering service personnel. This person will provide information about the location of Headwater pipelines to the caller. The information and excavation request will be forwarded to a Headwater representative for follow-up. The Headwater representative will follow up on the call to discuss the ground disturbance and inspect the location of the proposed ground disturbance. Headwater will notify the landowner of any special requirements for working in the area near the pipeline.

Written permission from Headwater is required prior to any ground disturbance.

Headwater has posted signs along the pipeline route with the “Call-Before-You-Dig” information and phone number. The Energy and Utilities Board has available a publication titled “Guidelines for Excavations in the Vicinity of Pipelines, January 2007″ that is a useful reference for anyone contemplating a ground disturbance near a pipeline.

Additional Information

If you have any comments or questions or if you require additional information, please contact the following:

Brad Christman, Vice President, Production

Cell: 403-990-0842
Email: bchristman@headwaterexp.com