About Headwater

Headwater Exploration Inc. is a publicly traded oil and gas exploration and development company with tremendous upside potential. Headwater currently has natural gas production and reserves in the McCully Field near Sussex, New Brunswick. In addition, Headwater has a shale gas prospect in New Brunswick.

Headwater is a pure domestic focused company with no debt, positive working capital and is focused on de-risking a high impact prospect in eastern Canada: Frederick Brook Shale. This exploration play provides significant opportunity to drive future growth and build value for shareholders.

The Company has offices in Halifax and Calgary, and a field office in Penobsquis (near Sussex), New Brunswick where Headwater produces natural gas to Canadian and US markets. Headwater owns and operates a 50 km pipeline, a gathering system comprising 15 km of pipe, and a natural gas processing facility with 35 mmcf/d (5,800 boe/d) capacity. Headwater’s corporate strategy focuses on disciplined financial management, safe and reliable operations, and de-risking its high reward exploration play.